Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hollow Where We Wandered

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Back Story: There's this place that's magical; it doesn't matter what your particular experience may have been there, but to the folks who felt it at one point or another it was undeniable. When I heard it might be (or was) getting bulldozed for construction, I had a vivid and very emotional nightmare about it. It was like watching someone's heart beating slower and slower, the pulse of the ground and the trees and the blue flowers slowly dying off. Hollowed.

I went back there last year because I had to know if it was true, and while I'm still told that a portion of the woods was cut down, the place that was closest to my heart and strongest in my memory was alive and well. Still, the thought of that being gone -permanently gone- is devastating.

I guess the moral is to beware of taking for granted that what you love will always be there.

Illuxcon 2 Video Trailer

I am SO going again next year, and will actually make it a point to stay the whole 4 days, instead of the abbreviated 'hey I have to go to work on Friday and leave from there because I don't have any paid leave left' malarkey.