Thursday, December 20, 2012

Take-Home Commissions & Happy Holidays

Convention season (for me) is officially OVER until March 2013. Allow me a sigh of relief:


Don't get me wrong, I love going to conventions and working tables. Love it. But it does wear me out, especially when there's travel and/or long hours involved. I'm ready to hibernate for the winter, but that doesn't mean things have slowed down in my studio. I need the help of my toes to count the assignments I had to finish before mid-December, and there's still a heavy handful of projects I'm working on through the holidays (one final is even due Xmas Eve). This has left very little time for blogging, or having an online social life at all, but I thought I'd take a quick break and show off a couple of the small commissions for Magic card alterations I had to take home with me from the StarCityGames Open Series earlier this month, because I think they're neat:

At the risk of getting flooded with requests for these, I've been dabbling in acrylic border extensions...

I've also bought an unprecedented number of extra-fine Sharpie markers for jobs like these... how am I just finding out that Sharpie released a limited edition 80's Glam color pack?!?! I had a set of crayola pens of the same color variety in the actual 80's. Memory lane, I am walking down you.

I expect I'll be pretty quiet for the rest of 2012, but I do want to share one more piece of good news... I just found out yesterday that a jury found me fit to show my work at the IlluXCon 6 Weekend Salon -the first of its kind- in Allentown, PA September, 2013. More news on that closer to the time, but I'm very happy to be accepted, and it will be a great motivator to keep oil painting with gusto.

I hope everyone has a cheerful holiday and best wishes as 2012 comes to a close!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Interview with StarCityGames [Video]

November. Was. INSANE.

I'm still catching up on email and work after that crazy brutal month, recovering from IlluXCon, hosting Thanksgiving, trucking across state lines to deliver a painting, and (probably most of all) devoting a lot of time to caring for my physically disabled mum-in-law while she visited from her assisted living home in NC.

Continuing the nutty trend, December kicked off with a bang, with a guest appearance at the StarCityGames Open Series: Baltimore. The SCG fellas were nice enough to tape an interview with me on Sunday. As a side note, this is the first time I can recall that I don't utterly hate the sound of my recorded voice; I attribute the random husky smoothness to exhaustion, so maybe I should avoid sleeping before I go on air from now on. Anyway, check it out:

Bonus! They did a similar interview with Noah Bradley, which was taped right before mine.