Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Art Studio Workspace, 2012

Last year I made a post with a photo of my art studio. A few things have changed since then. My online pal Kiri O. Leonard made a post on her blog about illustrators' studios and workspaces, and prompted me to take some updated (and better) photos. Here is the result:

Just for fun, the following are some things I'm giggling about while reading the descriptions of the previous post:

1. I can't believe last year I only had TWO convention tubs in the closet.

2. It's weird to look back at my bookshelf circa 2011 and still see any space for books. I've since obtained a second bookshelf that's partially out of frame to the right. It's completely full now, too.

3. #6 "Drafting table, on loan from my dad until I get my own" .... ha ha ha, riiiiight.

4. The old computer hasn't moved to my husband's office. It's moved about 18 inches to the right, and down to the floor. It's very slowly making its escape.