Thursday, November 7, 2013

Two New Interviews

In the wake of Magic's Commander 2013 release this past week, I've gotten to do a couple new interviews about me and my art:

1. Interview with SvenskaMagic.
August Undin and I talk Commander art, explore my goth phase, and I discover (while answering) just how much my career was set up during my formative years. Yes, this one's in Swedish, though it's easy enough to translate through the majesty of Google, and the original English text can be found on the interviewer's blog.
*The comments on my Facebook provide additional laughs re: Magic cards being the secret to beauty. Ha.

2. Interview with MTGBroDeals.
Renee Hupp asks about my commander preferences, how I feel about painting classic cards, and what's up with my obsession with drawing hands.