Monday, May 6, 2013

Shogun Rising, a Graphic Novel

Do you enjoy stories about Samurai warriors? Forbidden love? ...Zombies?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should watch this short video:

"Shogun Rising is an original story and full 48 page color illustrated graphic novel about love, samurai, and zombies. Near-future Tokyo is zombie apocalypse ground zero. Survivors are forced to flee to a remote samurai village. Hiroshi, a samurai prodigy, and Mizuki, the daughter of a ruthless Tokyo crime-boss, attempt to navigate the new world and their forbidden love. Tensions arise as cultures clash and the chances of survival diminish. And yes, samurais will totally fight zombies. But who will win?"

The Awesome Horse Studios team, (Marc Scheff, Aaron Miller, Noah Bradley, and I) did all of the concept artwork for the upcoming graphic novel Shogun Rising. We're currently using Kickstarter to fund the project. Go here to find out how you can help make this happen!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

"A Saga In The Stars" at Gallery Nucleus, Opens Tonight!

"A long time ago, in a gallery far, far away..."

I'm so excited to be participating in A Saga in the Stars: A Tribute Event to a Galaxy Far, Far Away, with a new painting:

11x14 inches
oil on illustration board

All framed up in the studio

"...I considered painting a scene much like the end of the final battle in 'Return of the Jedi,' where Luke embraces his father as the dark side of the Force leaves him. In the end, I stripped that concept down to what I felt was its most important element- Darth Vader's severed hand and his light saber, flickering with its final glow, portraying the moment Darth Vader ceases to exist, and Anakin Skywalker is reborn."

If you're in Los Angeles, definitely go check out the show. My paintng will be displayed among the work of many talented artists (see the list below). The painting will also be available for sale on the Gallery Nucleus website after the show officially opens. UPDATE: The painting has been sold! Huzzah!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Magic Card Art: Bribery (DCI Judge Promo Foil)

Card Name: Bribery
© 2013 Wizards of the Coast

Gatherer Link: None

Medium: Digital
Original Art Available? No
Artist Proofs Available? No

Artist Notes: This was printed as a DCI Judges' foil promo only, so it's unfortunately not a widely-known piece.