Monday, June 8, 2009


About two years ago, Dan Dos Santos invited me to a party in Brooklyn at Donato Giancola's house. It was an experience that changed my life, not just in terms of networking with veterans of the fantasy/sci-fi illustration field, but because when I walked in that door, I didn't know I wanted to be an illustrator yet, and walking out I was certain that's what I wanted to do. I'd admired a lot of these guys since I was a teenager, but my artistic plans had been all over the map. Until I discovered there really IS a group of people out there who are like me, and they showed me what I needed to do.

Last week I got an email from Scott Grimando about this year's gathering, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

It was great to reconnect with folks I hadn't seen in a while - Kristina Carroll ( is an awesome up-and-coming illustrator and total sweetheart. Also Zelda Devon and Kurt Huggins ( who I met at Illuxcon last year. I also got a chance to meet some new folks like Ruth Kim ( and Robert Brown ( All great stuff worth checking out!

One of the highlights of the evening was having a conversation with Gregory Manchess about his current re-working of an illustration featuring a certain famous (or infamous?) pirate.

So in conclusion, it was another awesome night. And totally worth braving bus travel. It also made me realize how far I've come in 2 years. I'm hoping I can keep up that pace in the next two.


  1. That party sounds like a conversational epiphany for ya. That's awesome. One of these days, getting to Illuxcon will happen... when the cash appears. : )

    Glad you're digging your progress. How does the new studio function?

  2. Hey Evan!! Yeah, it was quite a time. The new studio's functioning well - right now I'm in the market for a larger drawing table/desk, but otherwise it's in full working order and I'm able to crank out art comfortably.

    Illuxcon is worth every penny - really looking forward to seeing you there someday!

  3. omg that would be a dream, to know all these guys, and at a party with them! What did they tell you you had to do to be an illustrator? I'm dying to know.. I'm 19 and I want to be an illustrator so bad!