Monday, October 5, 2009

In the Mirror...

A quickie I did yesterday for Imagine FX Q&As, upcoming issue 51:

I'm always amazed by how long it takes me to write tutorials and answers to art questions. It almost takes me longer than doing the work itself. I guess it's sort of like typing or playing piano - you do it for so long you can't remember where the keys are unless you're touching them.

Close up #1: [link]
Close up #2: [link]


  1. I LOVE this image! It's so painterly and evocative. Are we gonna get to see it larger, elsewhere on the web? Pleeeease? :D

  2. Hi CGriffin,

    It should be in print in the next issue of IFX (hopefully at higher resolution!)- I hadn't made any plans to post it bigger on the web, but I could post a couple close-ups if you're interested. Thanks :)

  3. Looks great, I really enjoy your brushwork here. Your skintones, as always, is ridiculously good, even in this quick speedie.