Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mourning the End of Google Wave

(Image by me)

Perhaps it's a bit premature, but before I send Google a pleading letter in an envelope sealed with my tears, I wanted to take a minute to aimlessly rant about lament the imminent demise of Google Wave on my blog. For almost exactly two years, Wave has been the primary way that my artist pals and I collaborate, share work for critique, and talk to each other. And considering that I spend most of my social life online with my artist pals, that's pretty significant.

Alas, dearest Wave, your time is about to end at the end of January 2012, and my pals and I are in search of alternatives to you, but will it ever be quite the same? Think of all the good times we had. I will miss you.


  1. It was decided after the fact that the entire virtual studio was a birthday gift for you :) I'm so pleased at how the Wave group worked out, and how far everyone has come along with mutual support that Wave allowed us to provide to each other. I'm sure we'll find a replacement to Wave, but it will likely not be quite the same.

  2. Chris, I think you will end up being our collective savior. Bonus points for the Star Wars quote!

    Joe, I know we'll carry on another way. We must!