Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New painting: "Blue Flame"

New painting!

"Blue Flame" 2012 | Oil on illustration board, 16x22

the original drawing didn't have all of the swooping fabric that I painted in the final. Without it I thought the composition felt too rigid.

I took my time with this one, working up a lot of layers of color. The one place this really worked is in the skin- by painting cool over warm, it created just a little dissonance that you can see in the live painting. It gave the flesh a lot of life.

Something else slightly unrelated I learned with this piece: Blue is not a very photo-friendly color! I had to shoot this twice to get it even this close to "true" color, compared with the original, and it's still just a little off. I'm looking forward to hanging this at Artomatic next month, so that its hues can be appreciated for real.

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