Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sketching at the Museum of Natural History

I had a chance to travel down to the Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC and do a little sketching today.

Panthera pardus (Leopard), *note: it was super crowded, so I didn't draw all the spots.

Plesippus shoshonensis (Prehistoric Horse)

Newspaperus readerus (Guy on the metro reading a paper)


  1. ooo, that's really awesome Cynthia :) well done for getting out and doing something productive today!

    1. Thanks, Vicky. :) It's always nice to get a chance to do some casual drawing between big projects. I should do it more often.

  2. these are very nice.

    random question time...
    how big of a sketchbook do you bring with you?
    did you sit, or just stand at the exhibit for these?
    Did the guy notice you drawing him (it looks like the horse noticed you;)?

    1. Thanks, eygji. :) I started a new smaller 8.5x5.5 sketchbook with these drawings. I normally use a 9x12 sketchbook, but I wanted something I could easily fit in my purse for this trip.

      The drawings from the museum were done standing, because there were very few benches, and none of the benches I saw were within a good view of the exhibits. Also it was *very* crowded.

      I'm not sure if the guy on the train noticed he was being sketched, but that's always a risk when you draw in public. Right after I began that doodle another man came and sat in front of my subject with a large book, obscuring the left hand and legs.