Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3 Days Left to Support Art PACT

3 days left, and less than $2,000 to go...
**UPDATE**Art PACT has reached its funding goal! Congrats to the artist community and a sincere THANK YOU to all who donated their money, time, and resources. There are still perks available, and keep reading for information on the project:

PACT will become an invaluable resource site for genre artists, kept up to date with features such as a master client list (with contract terms, pay rates, and other information), contract and other legal forms, articles and interviews relevant to the art job market, and more.

A quick personal note about why I think this is a worthwhile effort: 4 years ago, a small group of artists and I created a little database on GoogleDocs with similar information, and it was extremely helpful to each of us, but at the end of the day it was only the sum of 8 peoples' experiences, and tough to keep up to date. I can't even describe how useful it will be, especially for new and emerging artists, to have access to information about where they can get work, and what they can expect from various clients.

There are a ton of awesome perks for those of you who help fund the project, including amazing original art you can own (which is selling out really fast), prints, and if you contribute $100 (the Protégé Package) you can choose from twelve professional illustrators to meet with via G+ or Skype for an hour, myself included. We're offering portfolio reviews to students, or will answer questions about our work and the industry. Here is the full list of Protégé Package participating artists:

There are other side perks, too. This morning, artist Michael C. Hayes announced on his blog that he'll fund the project on behalf of an art student(s) who can't afford it, and wants to get a portfolio review from any of the Protégé Package artists.

Click here to make a contribution to Art PACT!

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