Tuesday, September 24, 2013

IlluXCon 6 Magic: The Gathering Panel

Listen: Exclusive Coverage of the Magic Artist Panel at Illuxcon 2013

Joshua Krause from OriginalMagicArt.com was kind enough to record audio of the Magic: The Questioning panel at IlluXCon 6! We did an informal turn-based Q&A from the audience, which was mostly comprised of up-and-coming artists and art students curious about the hiring and commission process for Wizards of the Coast.

Participants (also pictured L to R in the photo above) were as follows:
Winona Nelson (moderator)
Anthony Palumbo
Jeff Menges
Karla Ortiz
Cynthia Sheppard (me)
David Palumbo
Randy Gallegos
Steven Belledin
Donato Giancola

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