Monday, June 23, 2014

"Athena" cover for ImagineFX Magazine, issue #110

I'm honored that I get so many amazing opportunities in the illustration world, and this is no exception. Some of you who follow my work know that I've been creating workshops and tutorials for ImagineFX Magazine since 2009 (June 2009, to be exact). Here we are exactly five years later, and I get to show you my very first COVER for the illustrious publication!

ImagineFX Issue #110 "Athena" Cover

The subject was Athena for their Myths & Legends issue- the magazine features a step-by-step workshop on the process of creating the image. No spoilers here... go buy the issue! You can also see the full painting without the text on my portfolio website.

Proud moment when my copy arrived in the mail today! via Instagram


  1. Congrats! a proud moment. Nice work. You deserve it. Thanks for the video on youtube: Painting Process: The Making of "Omens"

  2. Amazing. Beautiful drawings from a beautiful woman.

  3. Congratulations. Your art is amazing....

  4. Congratulations. Your art is amazing....