Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Karen Memory" | Book Cover Reveal!

"Karen Memory" | Digital painting, 2014
Cover for novel by Elizabeth Bear
Art director: Irene Gallo

It's with immense pleasure that I get to show you my latest illustration: the cover artwork for Elizabeth Bear's novel Karen Memory, published by Tor Books. This was actually my second time working with the inimitable and talented Irene Gallo. I don't know if she knew how badly I've wanted professional excuses to paint Steampunk-oriented stuff, but let's just say this was one of those dream jobs you spend years hoping for.

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  1. Awesome! Airships, tentacles, guns, corsets, check check check and............. Oh, sorry, I got distracted there...

    1. I get distracted by all those things on a daily basis ;)

  2. I saw this on E. Bear's blog a little while ago and squeed. First at the gorgeous cover, then that you got to work with an author I adore.